mixed beansFarmfresh Mixed Beans are a convenient way for families to enjoy the great taste and health benefits of beans without the hassles of preparing them. Forget soaking and the long cook times.

Farmfresh Mixed Beans are pre-cooked and ready to eat. Simply warm the beans over the stove or in the microwave, season or combine with other foods, and serve. Save fuel. Save time. Savour the beans you love in just a matter of minutes.

Farmfresh mixed beans are made with all natural ingredients. Grade 1 beans are sourced from partners buying directly from Rwanda smallholder farmers, then combined with fresh water and salt. Farmfresh’s high quality standard and familiar taste mean you can serve Farmfresh Mixed Beans to your family with confidence.

The Farmfresh Food Company is dedicated to producing and distributing premium foods to the East African market. Farmfresh products feature high quality ingredients grown by Rwandan smallholder farmers.